Saturday, January 19, 2008

My new bebe

This is my new Bleuette Francoise. Isn't she beautiful? I am so in love with her green eyes and striking red hair. This was the doll that I traded for-Thank you Pat!!!!! I just got her last weekend and we've been getting to know each other this week. I just finished the lovely knitted snow suit that she is modeling. Its called 'Esquimau'. I purchased the pattern from Inma, who makes the most fabulous knitted items/patterns for Bleuette and Rosette. It was rather easy to knit and I used yarn and trim that I had in my stash. Since I'm not very proficient in knitting I had to look up how to do one thing on the internet. Honestly, isn't the internet fabulous? I was stuck on one stitch and was able to find a fantastic clear, concise video to watch and follow along with. How cool is that??!! And VOILA! I did it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

FQ challenge

I love a challenge. We have a challenge going on in one of the Bleu groups that I belong to. Anyone that was interested could sign up and they would have an FQ (Fat Quarter) sent to them. We all got the same fabric only in either a light blue or a dark blue. The challenge was to make an outfit for our Bleue from the FQ. This is my entry. Well, my first entry. I've got so much left that I'm going to make a second outfit. The little snowflakes are just the right size for this small doll.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love Knots

One of my loves besides sewing is crochet. Again, my grandmother taught me when I was very small. I crocheted many, many doilies, edgings on hankies and of course, doll clothes, even small dolls and toys. Lots of crochet. A very generous lady shared her patterns with me for a darling doll nightgown made of Love Knots. This was through my bleuette online group that I belong too. I made it from a scrumtuous peach thread and embroidered the bodice. I then made a matching peach slip from some leftover silk and crocheted some bloomers and a nightcap from another pattern that was donated. Another lady in our group made the outfit also. absolutely beautiful!! She decided to give hers away in a drawing for the ladies in our group who didn't crochet so I decided that two would be even more fun. The nighty was mailed out today and I'm sure that the woman who won mine will love it. Isn't this just darling? so lacey and pretty. Love knots are a bit tricky but as soon as you figure it out, it's quite a fast stitch.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sing with me now....I'm back in the Saddle again......

I know you all know that old song....that's how I feel lately. I've been way too busy for wayyyyyyy too long. What an incredible end to 2007! Whew. My brother and his new wife had their baby on November 30th. A boy. He's a little darling and I'm going to be his Nanny starting the end of this month. That will be loads of fun.

Our daughter and her husband had their first child exactly 7 days later. A little girl. She's the one that's wrapped to look like a little glow worm. She loves to be swaddled. I went to stay with them 4 days before she had the baby. She wanted me to coach her through labor/delivery and then the new parents wanted me to stay and help them settle in to being new parents for the first week. I ended up out of town for almost 2 weeks. It was great fun and the baby is a little doll!
I came home just in time for Christmas. Nothing done-no baking, shopping, wrapping-nothing done...eeeeks..... Whew! Insert Christmas here.....and then.......

The following weekend I drove with my sister-in-law and new baby to New Jersey for my other brother's wedding. It was quite the lovely affair. Did I mention that I got lost in New Jersey. Took a wrong exit (thank you Rand MacNally maps for being really wrong in the worst,worst,worst neighborhood to be wrong in) I had to drive about 15 blocks to find help to get back on the highway. That was maddening. We could see the highway right next to us but couldn't find an entrance to get back on! There was no place that looked safe enough to stop and ask for directions. Even the library had 12 foot cyclone fencing around it!! We finally found a construction crew working on a house and pulled over to ask them for help. Thank the Lord for a really nice construction foreman in New Jersey! So....we made it to the wedding, had a good time and made it home safely.
The hubby and I had a really nice peaceful evening at home for New Years Eve. I've had some time to really rest up and get my dolly mojo back....sing with me.....I'm back in the saddle again...lalalalalala.........