Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Countdown

Lisa's doing it again over at Ten Two Studios. She's doing her fabulous countdown of a free page of ephemera each day until Christmas. It's always really lovely stuff that can be used in countless ways. So take a look and enjoy and be sure to post a link to it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A new Chef in town

Gosh, where on earth did last month go?? It whizzed on by and I missed it. LOL. so, daughter had a birthday request for a chef hat and apron for our little grand daughter to wear with her new kitchen set. Since they live so far away I was sort of guessing at her size. She's just turning 2. One of her nicknames is 'Baby Cupcake'. I found the perfect fabric. I figured since Junior's the same age (they're only 7 days apart) I'd use him for the model to see how close I am on the size. it's perfect!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Animal Costumes

I found a scrap of fabric with a fur print on it and made that into a cute little Kitty costume. I had a charm that said Kitty in my stash along with the cute orange chain and it made a darling necklace to go along with the outfit. I'm still tweaking this pattern and it's getting so close to finally being exactly what I want as far as fit goes. I also wanted to make a skunk. After pestering my BFF for help to figure out how to make a skunk tail I pulled out my piece of black fur only to find out that it was not big enough for the costume....sigh....sadness.....then I spotted a piece of pink fur.
It was big enough for a costume so I instantly saw pink fuzzy bunny. My daughter says it reminds her of the awful pink bunny costume from the movie "A Christmas Story". I think this is much more darling. Now I have two more dollies all ready to go out for Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Love

Found a great deal on pumpkins-five for $5. Hubby and I picked out 5 lovely pie pumpkins and went on our merry way. I started to wash the pumkins to bake them and one was just shaped kind of funny. I turned it and took another look and wouldn't ya know it-we had picked out a heart.
see, I find love in all kinds of places. This year, I put some extra love into each pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie I made! hehehehehehehehe......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Darla gets a new costume

This evening I made a new costume for Darla Bleuette. I just love those cute little kids costumes that look like animals so Darla is now a sweet little bear. The jumpsuit went together really easy from the pattern I drew. the hood took three tries to get what I wanted. I hit the ears on the first try! yeah! Now, does it get any cuter than this?? no, I don't think so. She's ready to go to the Halloween Party this weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love is everywhere

I dont' know why, but I've found hearts all my life. In odd places. In odd ways. For as long as I can remember. Some I've kept. Some I've given away. Some are more special than I could ever describe. The most special one of all is my daughter's birthmark. yup, it's a heart. about 1/2inch big and right above her heart on her chest. It's always been there. I've got heart shaped stones that I've found while gardening or out walking. Heart shaped flowers. A heart shaped pothole in a parking lot. Now, why on earth would that be there? Just for me to stumble upon I suppose. These are the silly ways I find hearts.

I hadn't found a heart for a while. Yesterday hubby and I went to our favorite Amish farmer for produce to 'put up'. While processing tomatoes today this is what I found:

It's just some sort of Karma for me. It reminds me that Life is Good.
I love hearts.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Snail's paces

Or should it be snail races?
Just how fast can a snail move? well, at a snail's pace I suppose-LOL! I just finished these two cuties this evening because my dolly wanted a snail for a pet and then she couldn't decide if she wanted a blue one or a green one so mommy had to make her one of each. Aren't they just the cutest little guys? They're about 2 1/2 inches tall and about 4 inches long. I used sport weight yarn and a size 1 steel hook. The eyes are 9mm safety eyes, the green ones were the only ones left in the right size. I suppose just plain black ones would have looked a bit better but I like these too. It's a free pattern that can be found here. It figures, mine turned out fatter. I don't know how I do that? too much stuffing I suppose. My stuff always looks "well fed". LOL. These make up so fast. a fun quickie project.

I just love Lucy

I finally finished the full size Amigurumi Free Spirit doll at By Hook, By Hand. This one is made with worsted weight yarn as her pattern calls for. Quite a bit bigger than the previous doll I made with the cotton. I loved learning how to do her wig. There's a wonderful wig tutorial on her Flickr. It just makes so much sense and uses so much less yarn than the old fashioned way of doing a yarn hair-do. I used an orange worsted weight along with a deep rust colored lace weight yarn. The combo gave it depth and highlight at the same time.
She's so darn cute. I've crocheted her quite the wardrobe and she still wants more. I just finished a pink teddy bear for her (also a free pattern from Beth). They looks so cute posed in a teddy bear rocking chair. Now she wants a new pet-her own snail....found a really cute free pattern online so i'm off to make Lucy a snail. A mom's work is never done...LOL!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Secret Sister Strikes again!

My Secret Sister struck again. A package showed up in my mail with such a lovely little outfit. It's a dress made of pale pink cotton with a cherry pattern on it. There is a matching cream colored wool vest trimmed in pink embroidery thread with round 'pockets' made of the dress fabric. Also included was a real leather little purse-way super cute! There was also 4 pairs of hand crocheted socks. My secret sister must be paying attention on the lists and has picked up on my sock addiction. (I make socks constantly for my dolls-I know that seems strange but it's quite fun) My little Veronique just loved the outfit so she declared it for her own! Such a wonderful gift to receive out of the blue.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a doll!

I recently crocheted the cutest little doll from a free pattern. A very talented Beth over at By Hook, By Hand has this cutie posted on her blog. It's her Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll and if you look further into her blog you'll find a huge variety of clothing patterns for her as well. Such a very generous gift to anyone that crochets.

Now, this dolly is to be crocheted from worsted weight yarn, and I'm more particular to thread crochet, so I thought why not? I grabbed some size 3 crochet cotton and a size 1 steel hook and out came this little darling.

Azure is about 7 inches tall. Just a petite little thing. My dear BFF suggested the blue tibetan hair for her and she was so right. it's perfect. Now, all the clothing patterns are for the bigger doll so I decided to suck it up and make another doll using the worsted weight yarn like the pattern calls for. Whoa! she's a MUCH bigger doll but WOW the personality. I LOVE her!! I've just finished up all her parts this afternoon so this evening I'll be sewing her together and deciding on her hair do. Next it will be time to work on a snazzy wardrobe for her. Crochet is such a soothing past-time when one is feeling oooogy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ahhhhh, vacation

We just spent a glorious long weekend up in Wisconsin with my BFF Kate and her lovely, incredibly spry mom Phyllis. Two of the loveliest people you'd ever want to know. They certainly make guests feel very welcome and are fabulous Hostesses-and Phyllis is doing this while in a walking boot recovering from a bad boo-boo.

She taught me how to make her famuos Cherry-Rhubarb frigerator jam. boyohboy is it very YUMMY!!! She sent Kate and I to get cherries (the famous and oh so delectible Door County cherries) and we happened on the find of the year. Now, you know you can't send two young whippersnappers out for cherries and expect them to just come straight home. We got a little sidetracked. Ahem.....we saw some garage sale signs....and they were on our way....So, we decided to stop on the way back. At a garage sale someone had two ball-joint dolls for sale for $2 each. We bought them and then Kate looked them up after we got home. The one that she kept is worth over $300!!! now, that's a return on your money!! LOL. She also got a really wonderful wood doll cradle for her babies and a life-size Middleton doll for only $10!!! and he's so perfect!

Dear hubby went to Iola for the big Military Vehicle show. I stayed 'home' and played dollies and went treasure hunting at Goodwill and a HUGE antique mall. oh dear I had so much fun with my BFF. too bad it didn't last long enough.

so, this trip produced Cherry Rhubarb Jam, a crocheted doll, a sewn teddy bear (he was butt ugly and not even looking like a bear until BFF worked on him with me) and a really super-duper adorable baby doll. I'll post pics soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


.....T. toys,toys,toys, it looks like a toybox threw up in my house. LOL. there's toys in places that I didn't know toys would fit! (the VCR for example)LOL. I had forgotten how many toys it takes to make a baby happy. With a 30 second attention span, it takes alot.

....I. inquisitive. ie: gee, i wonder what's behind the doggies eyelids while he's sleeping? gee, I wonder what's behind his lips while doggie is sleeping? gee, I wonder what's inside doggies ears while he's sleeping? let's see, maybe I can tickle inside doggies ears while he's sleeping. Let's see, can I count how many teeth doggy has while he's sleeping?

....R. run. ie: how many times can I run around the doggy before he jumps up to chase me? How fast can i run from gramma as soon as she takes my diaper off for bath? (maybe grampa will save me)

....E. entertainment. This little girl has provided me with endless hours of entertainment. It is just pure joy watching all the fun new things she discovers. It's really funny to watch her shreik with joy and greet every male that walks through the door with a very loud "DAADDDEEEEEEEEE" LOL! grampa, great pappa, uncles, doesn't matter, they're all Daddddeeeeeeeee. LOLOL.

....D. delighted. How I feel about watching my grand daughter for the week.

now, put it all together and it spells how I am after just 2 days. and I only have 3 more to go! LOL.......

thank goodness for disney movies. she loves 'em and it gives me about 10 minutes of peace. She'll actually sit for 10 minutes to watch some of it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm partied out

3 parties in one weekend. Whew! I'm pooped. I've been cleaning and cooking for a week. Friday the kids came in from out of town. Saturday was hubby's 60th birthday. He didn't want a party. He just wanted a small backyard BBQ with our kids. ....riiight..... Soon it was, "honey, did you invite @#%#?". two days later, "honey, did you invite %#$#^?" and it continued until I had 30 people coming. now, I have a tiny house so we had 3 canopies set up in the back yard. The day started with a fun surprise for hubby, he went out to walk the dog at 6am and was greeted with this:

he was quite tickled. He loves deer. We had to take all kinds of pictures of the deer and him with the deer. it was too funny. Everyone showed up for the party and we had a blast. Of course, right in the middle of the party we got hit with a fast but furious rain storm. Everyone dove into the house except me. I was at the grill cooking so I got soaked to my undies. I didn't mind thought because it was one of those really warm refreshing summer rains. It stopped after about 15 minutes so everyone came back out, we dried off all the furniture and went right back to having fun. It was a wonderful relaxing day. After everyone had left and I had the mess all cleaned up I got to work making a cake for the next day.

The next day I went to a 'Hitty Goes to Las Vegas Party'. I have my little grand daughter for the week so she went too. We both had a really fun time. She's only 18 months but very well trained and socialized so she was just as pleasant as could be. That was with 10 wonderful ladies and we shared party favors and exchanged a gift for Hitty.

Grand daughter and I left that party at 5 to run home, pick up Grampa, grandson, and a cake and go to the next party. That was a birthday party for my mother. I made her favorite cake-a made from scratch coconut cake. My dad was put in charge of getting one candle (a number 6-I already had one number 6 so we just needed the second one) and he got the ice cream. We all had a good time (a much smaller gathering of just 20-LOL!). Got home, gave baby a bath put her down and collapsed! LOL.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mea Culpa and the missing camera

Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Culpa, this goes to my BFF for being so slack and not updating my blog. I've had another month of insanity so this went by the wayside. She (ever so politely) pointed out my slackness (and then threatened to remove me from her favorites! LOL) GASP!!! I could NEVER let that happen so here I am.


Now, the missing camera. Day 5. It has got to be in my house somewhere. I saw it last weekend. Could my feeble mind remember where? no. was it in the case where it should be? yes. why is it so hard to find a black camera case with a pink camera? because it is. It was put away. it's that simple. I put it away. why? because that's what you're supposed to do. No. you leave it out so you trip over it or move it every time you want to do something. that way you can find it.
This has distinct shades of Gramma written all over it. She used to put stuff away 'for safe keeping' only to not find it for YEARS. LOL. OMG I'm turning into my grandmother.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Monkey business, a new doll and Joey

I managed to finish crocheting all the parts for a new little monkey. After putting Joey to bed last night I was able to stuff and sew the monkey. I stitched his little face this morning and now he's done. Isn't he adorable!?!

He's only 3 1/2 inches tall. He's made of size 8 perle cotton with a size 7 steel hook. A friend of mine gave me a new book from Annie's Attic-Itty Bitty Animals. It's got a bunch of really darling, tiny crocheted animals. quick to make up (if you don't mind working tiny). I ended up making three ears because I think Joey ate one of the first two. when it was time to sew the ears on the monkey I could only find one-and that was on the floor-so I had to make a new one. I can't tell you how many times while crocheting these pieces parts I had to stop and make Joey "Leave It" and then go retrieve either the part he stole or one of the balls of crochet thread. LOL. He was just looking for someone to play with him-the poor bored puppy! LOL.

Sooo, this afternoon I wanted a little sewing time so Daddy had to watch Joey. I put the baby gate up across my sewing room door. (thank god for baby gates) I tried without it at first, but it was 'game on' with Joey. He decided that to get Mommy's attention, he would come in and look around and figure out what he could grab and run thus getting Mommy's attention really quick. Riiiigggght, that game only last for 2 grabs when Mommy declared it was done and put up the baby gate! LOL Mommy wins! Daddy now had to watch him so when Joey couldn't get into any more trouble he decided to take a nap. whew!

I actually got to sew and put together a new doll. I won the parts for a China Head doll when I went to a luncheon in May. She's so beautiful. She's 10" tall. I got the head, arms and legs. I had to make the body, upper arms and upper legs and put it all together. I used the last piece of drill for the body. She came out just lovely. Now I have to do a little research and decide what kind of clothing she'll need.

soooo, life with Joey is fun, unpredictable, constantly saying 'NO', "Leave It", "Joey Sit", 'No', 'No', "Leave It".....he's gonna think his name is "Joey Leave It". ! LOL....I think I've lost 5 lbs in 2 days of correcting him. It's easy to tell that he wants to be a good boy, it's just going to take lots and lots of love and training.....and Daddy loves him way, way much. is good....sigh.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We've got a new baby!

Meet Joey.

He's a King Standard Poodle.
He's only 7 months old and he's already so tall that he just rests his head on the kitchen table. reaching for him, it's right there at mouth level...sigh....LOL. He came to live with us today. He's a rescue. A little old lady had bought him and kept him chained in the house on a 3ft chain for over 4 months. In spite of the harsh beginning, he's got a fabulous personality. Is not afraid of anything and is very, very friendly. He's showing alot of intelligence and catches on to things quickly. We're sure he'll train up in no time at all. He's already house broke! Yeah!
I'm so giddy about this. We used to have a Royal Giant Standard (Merlyne). He was a big boy weighing in at 125lbs and lived to a lovely 12 yrs old. Imagine a 125lb poodle coming atcha! LOL. that'll get your attention. We also had a teacup poodle. our little 4lb Gabby. She lived to 12 yrs old also. We lost Merlyn about 8 yrs ago and Gabby about 3 yrs ago. Our lives have been very empty and hubby refused to get another dog. He was adamant about it and the answer was always NO. Something happened to him when he saw Joey. Hubby just absolutely melted. He's absolutely giggly about this dog and has taken him on two walks, played outside with him. Scrubbed, dried and painted his kennel to look like new and made me run inside to get the camera for him to take pictures of Joey. I've had to upload the pics and get them ready so hubby can email them to all his relatives and friends when I get off the computer. this is just too funny. My life is so happy again. I sure missed having a dog in the house.
Joey is now happily tired out and sleeping at our feet.....Life is good..........

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Always the bridesmaid...

I just finished a darling little dolly outfit to fit Sophie (a Tonner doll). This is my Sophie modeling it. The dress is for Pat's doll. Pat's daughter is getting married on the 28th of this month so Sophie needed a dress for the wedding. Sophie goes everywhere that Pat goes and I thought it would be sweet if she had her own little Junior Bridesmaid Dress. I asked Pat to send me a pic of the bridesmaid dress. (click here to see) So I studied the dress and this is what I made. It needed to be more demure since it was for a 'little girl' so I slightly redesigned the bodice so it wouldn't plunge to her navel. LOL! and gave it just a regular back bodice. I left the full length of the design and did all the gathers to one side. I made it just short enough so she could walk and dance without tripping and made her matching little satin panties. The dress is completely lined so that no seams show on the inside at all. It closes with two little snaps in back.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a crocheting maniac

This was the last surgery. Yeah!!!! The doctor removed a growth from the bone then repaired the tendons of my left thumb. Ohhhhh so good to have my hands back!!. Now it's healing nicely. the stitches came out on Tuesday and it's so good to be able to work with my hand again. I've been crocheting like crazy. I'm the hostess of the "Sock it To Me Baby" sock swap at the Bleuette group I belong to so I'm working on my socks and slippers. The bonus of the swap is one pair of slippers. I wanted to do something different so I'm making a pair of little yellow ducky slippers. I had made one a few weeks ago but I just wasn't happy with it. I thought about it the whole time my hand was out of commission and today I set to work it out. this is the results of today's work and I couldn't be happier.This slipper is barely 1 1/2 inches long just so you get the perspective of what I was working on. It's just sooooooo doggone cute!

Yesterday I worked on a new sock. I wanted something lacey and pretty but thin enough to fit under a tight shoe. I usually work in size 8 perle cotton or one strand of candlewicking thread. now, those make beautiful socks but they're a tad bulky so I pulled out my size 12 perle cotton. I made a sock that's solid on the toe and heel but the foot and upper are all lacey and fine. I"m quite pleased with the result. This fits so nice in a tighter shoe. take a look:
Ahhhhh, I'm getting back in the groove.......

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a class!

Two weeks ago I was privelaged to take a class with Susie McMahon of Tasmania. (My BFF came into town and went with me and helped me in class.) Susie's dolls are just awesome and I made a really darling doll in her class. Actually, she was kind enough to make the doll body for me since I was waiting to get the surgery on my left hand. I did the face mask and then the clothing/shoes. I wanted to go for a soft ''goth'' look and I'm happy with how she came out. Here's a close-up of her really beautiful face. Thank you Suzie!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby gets a Bassinette

Now I know why I prefer thread crochet. working with heavy yarn is sure hard on the hand and takes forever!! I finished this the day before surgery. the top is the cradle. it opens to a wonderful storage compartment. the bottom ruffle drawstrings shut over the whole thing to become a purse so dolly can go away with you. isn't it a great idea for a little girl. she can play quietly with dolly wherever she goes. It's an old Annie's Attic pattern from 1991. They have a new updated version. The old pattern also had a pattern for a crocheted dolly and clothes.

A Sailing We Will Go

Claudia, Veronique and Darla show off their new sailor suits made by Tante Kate. I just love how she coordinated the felt for the three suits. She also made wonderful purses for each girl and added a bling-bling initial to personalize each purse!! Thank you Tante Kate!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

the wonders of modern medicine

Wannnnananana~~~~~~~~~wananananananana (hear the sounds from 'the Bionic man'?) Yesterday took me back under the knife. I know, I know, I just had both hands done in the fall (carpal tunnel) but now both thumbs went whonkey. Trigger thumb is terribly painful and when the doctor said he could give me a shot that would just mask the problem, I asked if he could just fix it. He's an excellent surgeon and yesterday he fixed it. Two weeks and the 'wrapping' comes off and it'll be back to life as usual, well, at least until he fixes the other thumb at the end of May. Now, If only they could find a way to take blood and do IV's that didn't leave a person looking like they've been in a major accident......sigh..... these bruises are 2 inches!! and they feel like huge lumps under the skin....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ohgawd I love to cook

Today ended up being a wonderful day. A cheer-me-up phone call from my BFF and then I got to work cooking and baking for tomorrow. I made two loaves of mush to fry tomorrow morning for breakfast. I made a cheese pie for tomorrows lunch. I baked a fresh coconut cake for my brother's birthday tomorrow, then, I made the most wonderful pans of Nut and Poppyseed rolls ever. I made the filling and put that out to cool, then made my good sweet bread recipe for the dough. Hubby says I outdid myself and made the best ever. of course, we HAD to sample them, so hubby took "the ugly one from the middle". He makes me laugh. We wouldn't want the family to eat something that wasn't up to par...LOL.

Good Gravy, food this good should be illegal! hahahahahahahahaha!!! Life is good....sigh....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Secret Surprise

Surprises are just so much fun! I got one in the mail today. One group is having a Secret Sister Surprise this year every couple of months. My first package arrived today and Darla was with me when it got here. She was watching me crochet for a new doll baby and got very excited at the box. She asked why I sent a box to myself? ( for the Secret Sister, we put the receivers name in both the "to" and "from" positions-clever huh?LOL).
Anyway, after I explained this she jumped in to help me open the package. Such fun in a little box. Wrapped in very pretty flowered tissue was two lovely FQ's-the pink one has little houses, cottages and windmills and the other is a light airy blue polka dot. Also included was a tiny set of gardening tools, a book about the circus, a darling green gingham bunny and a really wonderful hand crocheted spring dress in lovely pastels.
Darla quickly tried on the dress, grabbed the book and sat down to read the circus story to the bunny. What a wonderful present from my Secret Sister.

Monday, March 16, 2009

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program folks!

We DID NOT want to come back from vacation!! Most people are glad to be back home-we were NOT! (Well, except for my own bed-I didn't sleep much on vacation) vacation was way, way too short....sigh......swimming every day, some sight-seeing, nice weather (instead of cold, rain, and snow) and just general relaxation....ahhhhhhhhh.........

So, now that I'm back and actually functioning again -seriously, it took me a week to get over the 3-hour time change. geesh, that's really pretty difficult for me-I've started creating again. I'm going to show you an item I made before vacation. I just couldn't post it until someone received it. It was a special surprise and I didn't want to spoil that. It's a Fairy Outfit for a bleuette doll. I made it with blue satin and lots of tulle. My own design all the way down to the fairy wand made from an antique button that had the most beautiful aurora borealis crystals in it. The dress has 12 layers of tulle for a nice fullness. There's even matching blue satin panties and little bleu satin shoes that I made. The wings I did freehand. I just zigzagged over wire then layed the wire on organza and zigzagged the shapes I wanted. I stitched them right into the dress to get the right look. Her hair wreath is wire wrapped with tulle and added tulle puffs and flowers and sprigs of sparkly dried baby's breath. Oh so pretty.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Time for some R & R

(Cue elevator music)

I'm taking a break from home life and I've flown the coup. I've gone away to a bright, warm, sunshiney place and won't be home for another week. Hubby has joined me and we're just basking in the sun, visiting museums (picture me with a totally bored look ) but he's enjoying himself tremendously. (now, tell me honestly, don't all these dam trains and airplanes look the same to you? and really, mile after mile of boneyard airplanes....(more tedious music) I follow along, carry the extra camera batteries and say "yes, dear" as he tells me all the intimate details of each airplane/train......the life of a wife. (but I would NEVER tell him I was bored, that would break his heart and besides, he finds quilt/fabric shops for me to visit.) so, I'll be back next week with more fun stuff that's I've made or done. (elevator music fading away...........................

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The shoes have their day...

We, the shoes of the Bleus demand to have our day too!!! See all the pretty colors and styles!! We can match most outfits that SHE makes. Someone go catch that darn dog that the bleu's own and find the missing boot! now, someone tell HER we need some yellow ones, and some tennis shoes, and some green ones, and some roller skates, and some.......shhhh, here she comes.......

Sockaholics Unite!!!

So last night some of my friends were talking about dolly shoes and socks when someone mentioned, or the fact that I have alot of socks. Soooooooooo, I decided to gather what I could find and took a quick picture. It's just socks I've made-none of the 'store bought' kind. This is just the tip of the iceburg. If I had kept track of all the socks I've made and sent out in swaps I'd need a picnic table for the picture. LOL. When my doll Hilly heard I was gathering socks she ran away sobbing something about me always wanting to undress her for one reason or another and she was having none of it. Francoise also refused to undress but at least stood and held up her foot to show off her green trimmed fancies. Georgia, my sweet little one quickly plopped down and grabbed off her first sock but I snapped the picture too quick so she wasn't able to get the other one off yet. My other girls were all sitting around giggling at the antics. Boy, if only I had this many colors of socks to choose from in my size. Wouldn't that be fun??

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another creation

This afternoon I set to work on another Ginny outfit. Someone asked me to make a Tinkerbelle type of fairy outfit. Her favorite color is purple so I had to include lots of purple. I went to my stash and started to pull fabric and found some yummy crinkled polyester something or other in a fabulous toned down chartreuse. I found some shiney crinkled silk organza in a companion color. I found some wonderful purple tulle and some shiney purple fuzzy fiber. Some purple bugle beads and the little roll of lilac butterflies the lady gave me to use on the outfit. I made it similar to the BleuGarden Fairy because I just loved how that outfit came out with the petals over the layers upon layers of tulle. This little dress has 12 layers of tulle. The panties are separate and done in the green crinkle polyester something or other fabric. She bought this doll special for this outfit so the outfit is sewed right on the doll since it's just going to be displayed. I've taken two pics of the back so you can see how the petals go completely around even though they're hidden under the wings. I am quite pleased with it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hankies make the cutest dolly dresses.

One of my friends asked me to make a hanky dress for her Ginny. I used a hanky that had a wide pink edge with flowers and scalloped edges. The middle was plain white. It really made a darling little dress and there was even enough fabric in the one hanky to make matching little panties.

I fussy cut the pieces so I even had enough scalloped edging to make ruffles around the panty legs. My little blonde ginny is modeling this new confection. Hankies really make such delicate little clothes. I also made two more flamingos today for a couple of ladies that collect Alice in Wonderland stuff. LOL. I'm gonna be dreaming about flamingos tonight. to see a pic, look at my past posts for the flamingo's older sister.