Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another creation

This afternoon I set to work on another Ginny outfit. Someone asked me to make a Tinkerbelle type of fairy outfit. Her favorite color is purple so I had to include lots of purple. I went to my stash and started to pull fabric and found some yummy crinkled polyester something or other in a fabulous toned down chartreuse. I found some shiney crinkled silk organza in a companion color. I found some wonderful purple tulle and some shiney purple fuzzy fiber. Some purple bugle beads and the little roll of lilac butterflies the lady gave me to use on the outfit. I made it similar to the BleuGarden Fairy because I just loved how that outfit came out with the petals over the layers upon layers of tulle. This little dress has 12 layers of tulle. The panties are separate and done in the green crinkle polyester something or other fabric. She bought this doll special for this outfit so the outfit is sewed right on the doll since it's just going to be displayed. I've taken two pics of the back so you can see how the petals go completely around even though they're hidden under the wings. I am quite pleased with it.

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Anonymous said...

How do you do it? I mean really, how? This is adorable. Super stinkin' cute. Seems to me I've got some raspberry colored butterflies like that all the way from England. I'll put some in your box.
Love, BFF