Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love is everywhere

I dont' know why, but I've found hearts all my life. In odd places. In odd ways. For as long as I can remember. Some I've kept. Some I've given away. Some are more special than I could ever describe. The most special one of all is my daughter's birthmark. yup, it's a heart. about 1/2inch big and right above her heart on her chest. It's always been there. I've got heart shaped stones that I've found while gardening or out walking. Heart shaped flowers. A heart shaped pothole in a parking lot. Now, why on earth would that be there? Just for me to stumble upon I suppose. These are the silly ways I find hearts.

I hadn't found a heart for a while. Yesterday hubby and I went to our favorite Amish farmer for produce to 'put up'. While processing tomatoes today this is what I found:

It's just some sort of Karma for me. It reminds me that Life is Good.
I love hearts.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Snail's paces

Or should it be snail races?
Just how fast can a snail move? well, at a snail's pace I suppose-LOL! I just finished these two cuties this evening because my dolly wanted a snail for a pet and then she couldn't decide if she wanted a blue one or a green one so mommy had to make her one of each. Aren't they just the cutest little guys? They're about 2 1/2 inches tall and about 4 inches long. I used sport weight yarn and a size 1 steel hook. The eyes are 9mm safety eyes, the green ones were the only ones left in the right size. I suppose just plain black ones would have looked a bit better but I like these too. It's a free pattern that can be found here. It figures, mine turned out fatter. I don't know how I do that? too much stuffing I suppose. My stuff always looks "well fed". LOL. These make up so fast. a fun quickie project.

I just love Lucy

I finally finished the full size Amigurumi Free Spirit doll at By Hook, By Hand. This one is made with worsted weight yarn as her pattern calls for. Quite a bit bigger than the previous doll I made with the cotton. I loved learning how to do her wig. There's a wonderful wig tutorial on her Flickr. It just makes so much sense and uses so much less yarn than the old fashioned way of doing a yarn hair-do. I used an orange worsted weight along with a deep rust colored lace weight yarn. The combo gave it depth and highlight at the same time.
She's so darn cute. I've crocheted her quite the wardrobe and she still wants more. I just finished a pink teddy bear for her (also a free pattern from Beth). They looks so cute posed in a teddy bear rocking chair. Now she wants a new pet-her own snail....found a really cute free pattern online so i'm off to make Lucy a snail. A mom's work is never done...LOL!