Friday, August 31, 2007

Glow little glow worm glimmer, glimmer....

Whew, I finally feel like myself again. Teaching took alot out of me last weekend. I still have to download the pics from my camera. The girls sure made some fantastic dolls! I was so happy that everyone loved the pattern and had really no trouble with it. just a few adjustments to terms and it's tweaked. Now, I'm going to write it into an online class. I really think it will go well.

I"ve gotten so much done today. Went out to the Amish farm to buy fresh produce! $2.50 a doz. for freshly picked sweet corn! can you go wrong? eggplant 2 for a buck! peppers larger than softballs- 4 for a buck!!! I spent $10 and came home with 5 bags of produce. Oh Yeah!
Made two pincushions that I had wanted to do for a while now and finished my pindoll for this month's swap over at Pindollalley. This month's theme was Insects and Reptiles. well, I had this little sexy Glow Worm in my brain just waiting to come out. I've been humming that darn song....Glow little glow worm glimmer, glimmer......She really came out cute. Lucious long blonde hair (matches her glowing bottom you know!) Ruby red lips and big batting eyes. This was another good exercise in letting the mind just create. I even coated her Glowing bottom with glow-in-the-dark paint-yes, it really glows in the dark. I gave her eyes and teeth a coating of glow-in-the-dark nail polish so they glow too. she's a real hoot! I do think my swap partner is going to love her! What do you think?
The pincushions are cute too. one is a pincushion that is on top of a little basket with a handle and the other one is made from a little painted flower pot. Very cute. Ah well, time to cook supper than I think I"ll work on some stuff for my trunk doll. This is a challenge going on at Vintageclothdollmaking. I've decided to use my cloth Bleuette for this challenge. I've already made her 2 more outfits and she's going to get an Elephant. I found an old elephant pattern for Bleuette. really! an elephant. I had my son-in-law translate it for me so hopefully it will go together nicely. That German Potato Salad recipe is calling me.........

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Handy Pincushion

I just love pincushions. I've collected them for years. I made this one last night as a hostess gift. Isn't it lovely. My dearest friend had made one for me earlier this year and I use it all the time. It's from a free pattern online and I love it so much that I've now made a couple of them for hostess gifts. I just love the look of the organza over the base fabric. I dug through all my old buttons and found the perfect antique button. It's a beautiful filigree with a mother of pearl center. I actually remembered to take a picture of this one. the other one I made was red with a wonderful overlay and ruffle of white organza with red hearts and silver dots. Quite romantic.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Smoker Doll, how politically incorrect...don'tcha love it?!!

Well, I'm ready to go teach my Bed Doll class in Maryland this weekend. This will be so much fun! I know these ladies and it's a good thing they know me 'cause I am NOT the most politically correct person. I really just love to have fun. Life's too short is the motto I live by. I've got my new pattern finished and decided to feature the 'Smoker' Bed Doll on the cover instead of hiding her in the directions as an option. teeheehee.....the Non-smoking doll is the option. LOL. Take that 'Big Brother'. I'm sucha rebel! LOL. So, what do you think? doesn't the Smoker look awesome?!
This doll is actually quite special. The green material used here was from a dress that belonged to my grandmother. She had made it from material my uncle had sent to her from his travels during his time in the service. I've had this dress tucked away for years and couldn't part with it because the fabric was so beautiful. I finally had the perfect project for it but it still brought a lump to my throat as I cut it up. Oh and yes, my grandmother was a smoker and had flaming red hair! She loved to smoke Salem light 100's.

Monday, August 20, 2007

That warm fuzzy feeling

I just love our club High on Dolls. It is the best group of ladies on the planet. Each year we do a service project-either we make dolls to donate to a shelter or fire/police department, or we make dolls to auction off and donate the money to a worthy cause. This year we made dolls to donate. The pattern is 'The Dragalongs' by Phat Phaeries Inc. My design partner Kate and I donated the pattern for the project. Is there a greater joy than giving a doll to a child? No, there isn't. These are simple beginner dolls that are just so darling. perfect for bringing a smile to a childs face. The ladies in our club have made 37 so far and a few more are coming in next month yet!! It's obviously easy-peasy for this very talented group to whip out these darling dolls for our project. Just look at these cuties. All so fun and different. These ladies just give, give, give. I am so proud to be part of their group.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mamma's Got a Brand New Bag....

Oh yeah, when I'm blue, I make a new purse. Isn't she a beaut?! I call this one my 'Jane Jetson' bag. This fabric reminded me of The Jetson's-it was way cool. I love the ovals and rings. very planet like. Today was a long, cold, rainy day. Feeling hohum, couldn't get settled into my dolls so it's time for a new purse(and wallet). I dug out my fabric, pattern and handles and went to town this evening. I'm glad I have a good stash to work from. I loaded up my CD player with 3 good CD's of Classical music, hit 'play' and started. My birds just love it when I"m in the groove. I sit there and whistle and sing-well, mostly whistle-and they have a ball with me. I have two gray cockatiels that are very spoiled-Stella and Stanley. They love their mamma. hahahaha. Stanley loves to whistle along with me. well, at least he tries to. He is actually learning the theme to the old Andy Griffith show. It's funny to be sitting out in the living room and all of a sudden you hear strains of Mayberry RFD coming from the sewing room. Anyway, my purse is done and my head is clear. Now I feel better! Ain't nothin' like a new bag for Mamma to make her feel all I can get back to dolls.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Practical matters

Well, sometimes practical matters have to take over. I was watching dearest hubby hanging out his laundry (yes, he does his own laundry-doesn't want me to have to deal with his uckky work clothes-he's a real keeper!) anyway, I noticed that the clothespin bag was falling apart bad. real bad. I remembered a cute pattern that I picked up last year on a trip to Amish country and dug it out. It was for laundry aids and had a darling clothespin holder. so I dug through my stash and found some cute fabric-I didn't want it to be all flowery since he does half the laundry. I made up a new, really cute clothespin holder. It still needs a couple of buttons to finish it off but doesn't it look like a Hawaiin shirt with those tropical drinks all over it? It's black, that's pretty manly I think. hahahahahaha. When I asked him if he liked it I got the very well practiced and robotic "Yes, Dear, It's nice Dear". ~~~smiles, I know he likes it~~~~~~~.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I love pressure.....

I just love to work under pressure. I think I do my best work that way. The doll club I belong to(which,by the way, is a fabulous group of ladies) does a service project each year. This year we are making dolls to donate to a local police or fire department to have on hand for a child in need. We're making 'Dragalongs'-a Phat Phaeries Inc. pattern. These are really cute dolls. so easypeasy, but alas, I have waited until the last minute to make. I should have made these a few months ago but time sure slipped away fast. It could be worse, I could be trying to do this Friday night. I have my little girl done. My little boy is almost done, just have to sew on his hair and face and then paint his shoes. I'm going to sew Velcro to his hand and his frog. He just looked like he needed a cute little frog to hold. I embroidered an alligator on his pocket. LOL. These dolls are due at our meeting next Saturday. I'll take a picture of all the dolls that come in and post it next week after our meeting.

I'm the President of our local doll club-High on Dolls. It really is a fantastic group of ladies. We have about 30 now and we always get so much participation, it sure makes us all proud. We're invited each year to have a display of our dolls at the Sewing and Quilting Expo when it comes to town in the spring. These gals do such a knock-out job that our display rivals the Hoffman display! Each year we have a challenge and then those dolls become our theme display for the Expo. This years display was a Black and White Challenge. The dolls were extraordinary! This year our club challenge is "The Circus". I'm sure these dolls are going to be the tops! They will make a super display next spring. Time to get back to sewing and attach the boy's hair.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

In the beginning.......

Oh no, I've been taken to the darkside.....blogging....the one thing I've been resisting tooth and nail for a while now. I just didn't want to be spending even more time on this computer, but I guess it's a good thing after all.

Ok, so, what have I been up to?.... well, I'm working on my new Bed Dolls. I just love these girls. They're simple but oh so pretty, and I'm even doing a 'Smoker' doll. She's actually my favorite. My smoker is waiting for her jacket and cloche. I'll be going to teach this doll in Maryland soon and I'm sure looking forward to that. It's a fabulous group of gals up there and the hostess is really the "hostess with the mostest". My 'big sister' Rose.
OK, well, I guess I've done it. I've figured out ......GASP.......BLOGGING.........