Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Smoker Doll, how politically incorrect...don'tcha love it?!!

Well, I'm ready to go teach my Bed Doll class in Maryland this weekend. This will be so much fun! I know these ladies and it's a good thing they know me 'cause I am NOT the most politically correct person. I really just love to have fun. Life's too short is the motto I live by. I've got my new pattern finished and decided to feature the 'Smoker' Bed Doll on the cover instead of hiding her in the directions as an option. teeheehee.....the Non-smoking doll is the option. LOL. Take that 'Big Brother'. I'm sucha rebel! LOL. So, what do you think? doesn't the Smoker look awesome?!
This doll is actually quite special. The green material used here was from a dress that belonged to my grandmother. She had made it from material my uncle had sent to her from his travels during his time in the service. I've had this dress tucked away for years and couldn't part with it because the fabric was so beautiful. I finally had the perfect project for it but it still brought a lump to my throat as I cut it up. Oh and yes, my grandmother was a smoker and had flaming red hair! She loved to smoke Salem light 100's.


Anonymous said...

Salem Light 100's! A gal after my own heart. I digress, the smoker doll is beautiful. Now I MUST make one.

Clothmatters said...

Hey Ellen- Sorry about not being able to attend your class, but know that I will be thinking of you. I know the girls will love your smoker doll. And the pincushion gift you made as a hostess gift will be the envy of all. Great job. Have fun.

Karen Mallory said...

What a fun doll Ellen! I am really tired of everything having to be politically correct! Rose said the class was great! That hand pincushion is wonderful. Do you have the link to the pattern? I have a lot of vintage laces and buttons I coulduse to make them.
hugs Karen

Glittering threads on the wind said...

Oh how delighful!!!! I adore bed dolls and pincushions too. Wish I could have taken that class.

Kelly said...

Ellen I love your smoker doll - she's beautiful. I've never smoked but have lots of friends who have and some that still do...Doesn't make you a bad person and I guess I figure it's up to anyone what they do. Just love the green fabric too! Now your love for your grandmother is immortalized in a beautiful doll! Hugs,

Kat Lees said...

I absolutely love your bed doll. She is fantastic. I have book with Lenci bed dolls in it and always am in awe of them. Bet this class at Roses was wonderful. Hugs, Kat Lees