Monday, March 31, 2008

Tissue Paper Hat

Who'd have thunkit? Ordinary tissue paper can be cut, scrunched, braided and then turned into a lovely hat? The instructions were for a hat for Bleuette and the ladies in a group I belong to were discussing the hows of it. A couple of them gave some great, helpful tips and I added those notes to the instructions. I had just recently made a new spring dress for both of my dolls and decided that a hat would be a lovely touch for a "Springtime in Paris" type of outfit. I grabbed my tissue paper and pulled out the black, white and hot pink and got to work cutting strips and braiding.

I think the most trouble I had was figuring out what to use as a 'hat form'. I sat and twirled around in my chair looking at all the odds and ends in my sewing room (and boy, I've got some odds and a few ends-LOL). I finally spied a paperclay covered styrofoam egg (it was going to be a doll body-don't ask.....)anyway, I held it up next to her head and it looked like it was about the correct size so I covered it in a plastic bag secured with a rubberband. I carefully started glueing the braid to itself. I only put glue along the edge and worked just a small bit at a time to minimize glue slop. I used the quick drying "3 in 1" clear glue. it worked fabulous. I just need to decorate it. the flower is just placed there for the picture. Doesn't it go really good with the darling dress? oh, and here's a picture of her big sister's dress too. Now I"ve got to make her a hat. I guess I better go find a bigger styrofoam egg!