Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Poodle has taken over....sigh....

Can you say Pampered Poodle?
This was him sleeping last night while I folded laundry.
and this was today while I was in my sewing room. Daddy had to call me out to see his precious poodle:

Yup, he's completely taken over....and we're mush. LOL. Joey has calmed down nicely (gawdamighty getting him fixed was such a good idea). He's only JackassJoey once in a while. He can't quite give up his title yet-today he decided to chew a bunch of twist ties....jackass...see?! Where did he even find them?? not a clue. apparently he can open the kitchen drawer.

So, my BFF made me some fabulous new couch pillows. Awesome pillows- one with a poodle silhouette and one with a poodle face. I love them. They looks so nice on my poor sad couch. They give the couch new life which it dearly needed. And they're just plain comfortable to get cozy with. Joey likes the couch. He reallyreally likes the couch. Joey discovered the pillows. Joey reallyreally likes the pillows now too. He especially likes it when I have them leaned against his kennel at the one end so he can get super cozy. well, I don't put them there for him to get cozy, I put them there for me to get comfy to stretch out and watch TV. Works great for me, and yes, he has discovered how comfy they are at that end. Couch+pillows+joey=doggy heaven. LOL......jackass.......sigh........but daddy thinks it's cute and funny. In Daddy's eyes Joey can do no wrong.....sigh.....I lose.
He was sticking his tongue out at me, I swear he was!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Sea Creature

Today I took a left turn. I had a request for a Bleuette sized SeaHorse. This was a fun little venture. I drew a simple little seahorse template in a size that I thought would be appropriate for my little bleu, grabbed some fun cotton fabric and went to work. At first I was overthinking and then I stopped myself and simplified. I sewed, turned and stuffed. Made some ears and glued those in the head. I wanted little purple eyes so I grabbed a pair of clear eyes and painted those and set them aside to dry. Next I grabbed three colors of fine tulle and sewed it together for the little horse mane. After sewing I cut and trimmed and then hand stitched it in place. By the time I finished that the eyes were dry so I trimmed off some of the stem (it was too long for this little tiny head) I made holes and glued them in place. I added a piece of silk ribbon for a pretty little bow to finish off this darling little SeaHorse. My little Claudia was thrilled. Now that I'm happy with the final version I have to make another one to sell. See what Claudia found in the tidal pool by Lake Erie?? It's just the right size for her.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Knitting insanity

Gosh, I just love to be challenged. I'm being challenged now. A friend had made me a pair of tiny knitted socks that I just adored. they are really perfect. They are knitted. Now, I am not a very proficient knitter. I'm self-taught and I dash to the internet for help each time I get 'stuck' or can't remember how to do something. (thank goodness for sites like YouTube and!!) I have been crocheting all my life so I can do that in my sleep. Knitting...well....I really like to knit, I just suck at it. I mean really, how many times do I have to look up how to M1???? you'd think it would stick in my brain at some point. LOL...sigh. so,This is my hand trying to figure out how to juggle 5 long, skinny (size000) knitting needles. It's not pretty! I felt as though I had 7 thumbs that all kept getting in the way but I persevered on. I was determined to figure this out. Once I got the hang of holding the 4 needles and working with the 5th it got a little easier. I finished the first sock. It came out pretty darn cute. My variegated perle cotton striped itself and I was pleasantly surprised by that. It looks mighty cute doesn't it? Now I've got to get the second sock done. Here's the foot done. I even 'turned the heel'! and without any gaping holes along the sides. I'm amazing myself. I wish someone made short needles in this tiny size. I know I'm not the only one knitting doll socks-or any other tiny doll size stuff. It would be so much easier than these long needles. I mean, they're sock needles so they're only 7inches long, but that's like knitting with samurai swords when you're working on a teenytiny doll sock. LOL. So, off I go to finish the second sock...maybe I'll get more adventurous when I tackle another pair and try to do a lacey upper part of the sock.
hugs and smiles everyone!