Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How much use can you get from a wedding gown?

I'm well on my way to finding out.

It all started with a wedding 5 years ago. A beautiful gown was purchased and worn on a fairy tale day. It was carefully packed away with few thoughts of what it would become. Three years later, along came a precious baby girl. The search was on for the perfect Christening gown. I asked if mommy had plans for her wedding gown or if I could re-purpose it to baby's Christening gown. She thought about it and called me a month later and asked if it could still be done. Sure! The gown was brought to me and I went to work. I couldn't find a pattern that worked well with the layout of the beaded appliques so I made my own pattern carefully cutting to get the best use of the adornments. In places I carefully removed pearls, glass beads and sequins and undid appliques so they wouldn't be in the way of seams.

I then stitched the appliques back in place and redid the beadwork. When I finished I had a gorgeous long Christening gown and bonnet created from Mommy's wedding gown. Parents were very, very pleased. We talked about making a little boys outfit from the remains of the gown sometime in the future if it was ever needed. This conversation was quickly forgotten by very busy parents.
Two years later along comes little boy. After a short conversation about what the new little one was going to wear for his Baptism out came the remains of the wedding gown. I realized during the conversation that mommy had forgotten that I still had enough gown to make another outfit so I went to work and made a little boy's outfit. This one was a surprise for Mommy and Daddy. I didn't tell them that I was making it. When the came to town the day before the Christening I gave it to them. I was so gratified seeing the look of happiness on their faces.
And now, mommy had some future ideas. During a conversation last evening she asked how much gown, if any, I still had left. I actually still have the entire front bodice and a generous portion of half of the train. She is already thinking about having me use it when it's time for First Communion-thinking bodice from the gown with perhaps a tulle skirt, or some variation there-of.
And maybe a little boy's tie from the gown. Sure wouldn't want any frou-frou for the little boy for First Communion but a plain tie from the silk would be appropriate. Fortunately I have a few years before I need to figure this out. So now, the remains of the gown are tucked safely away and the two Christening sets are being cleaned and put away to wait and see if there are any more babies. The antique doll modeling the outfits used to belong to my Aunt and is now a doll that is a special treasure of mine.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Babies, babies, babies

I just love babies. real or doll, how can you frikkin' resist????
So, this past weekend I took a trip to visit friends and help one to organize her sewing room. Lots of fun for sure. I had two porcelain baby heads that I had to make bodies for to take to her. One was for her, one for her mother. they were supposed to be done for Christmas but in my crazy life that just didn't happen. Thank goodness I have friends that understand and have the patience of Job with me. I set to work Thursday and made the bodies, attached the heads, sculpted ubber-cute little tushies and got the babies finished.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lovely little girl

Riley's all decked out in her new Valentines outfit. I'm not happy with the hat, but it'll do for now. She just needed something pretty for this weekend. The dress is a simple cotton print and the little jacket is eyelet lined with a thin cotton lawn.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Riley's Christmas Present

I had to get caught up on Christmas presents and this was one I finished and gave away two weeks ago. Just forgot to post about it. ....sigh....always running behind....LOL
Anyway, the person that I picked for our Christmas exchange has Riley and Ginny and loves pink and blue. I zoned in on Riley and pink with blue for highlight. I searched my stash and pulled out two cottons-white with pink flocked polka dots and a pink and white striped seersucker. perfect. I needed something for a little coat and on at trip to HObby LObby found a lovely very thin square of pink fleece by the felt squares. perfect. I made little pink polka dot panties, pink striped dress with polka dot collar, polka dot pinafore, reversable hat made from the two cotton fabrics and a little pink fleece coat to keep her warm. so very sweet. The lucky recipient was very thrilled with the little ensemble. This is my Riley modeling the outfit before it was given away.

Mom's amazing talent

My mom. She's wonderful. She's just finished 5 weeks of radiation for breast cancer and is now doing really good. She's been up north here with us for the last 8 months while going through all this medical stuff. I'll miss her when she goes home.

Mom has crocheted for a long time. My grandmother (dad's mom) taught her when mom was in her 20's. She is NEVER without a hook in her hand and it's almost always for someone else. Rarely does she make anything for herself except Dora clothes. That's kinda funny. I found her some free patterns for clothes for Dora (that cute little cartoon girl) and mom started out making them for one of her grand daughters. She even went out and bought the doll. After making almost 2 dozen outfits she declared that they were going to be hers, she was NOT giving them away and that was that! LOL. too stinkin' funny.

So mom called me before she even came up here. she had a sweater pattern that she wanted to make for a gift for her sister. Oh it was a beautiful pattern, but she just couldn't figure it out. When this has happened a couple of times in the past the two of us sit down, I read and she crochets and then she 'get's it' and she's off and running. not this time. I have never read such a confusing pattern in my life and I do some pretty complicated stuff. It took the two of us working together 3 weeks to make "the sweater from hell". OH, it turned out beautiful in the end. I'll say that, but when mom said she'd like to make another one I told her she was out of her frikkin' mind. She found a hat and scarf pattern that was similar to the sweater but much, much easier to follow so she made those to go with the sweater to complete the set. Yup, she had those done in one evening. LOL. My aunt is going to be one lucky lady to get this set because there won't be another one made. LOLOL!!!

This is mom modeling the sweater set. Gorgeous isn't she?