Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Impression Challenge

Another Challenge!

An online sewing group I belong to is doing a challenge this month. Choose a picture from the Impressionist era of a little girl/boy and reproduce the outfit/look. I loved this idea. I chose a painting by Mary Cassatt-Sarah in a Green Bonnet.
It's a darling painting of a little girl. I added a challenge to myself to work from within my stash-no buying anything. I dug around and found the perfect piece of Salmon colored silk velvet, some ivory color lace, a preformed bonnet, some dupioni silk and some green ribbon. Overall, I'm happy with the final outcome.
I may redo the collar. that's the only thing that irks me right now. the perfectionist in me keeps my eye comparing the collars. but, it's got the overall feel of the painting so I'll leave it go for now. this is the full dress