Saturday, February 9, 2008

Paczki, ahhh, I love good food.

I've always wanted to try making home-made Paczki. My grandmother was Polish and that was where I learned to love these delicious, delectable, oh so yummy pieces of delight. Paczki (pronounced Poonch-key) are basically little jelly doughnuts. Traditionally they were made on 'Fat Tuesday' to use up the lard and sugar in the house before Lent began. The dough is a heavier, sweet yeast dough that is deep fried and then filled with the jelly/jam of your preference. I made blueberry, raspberry, apricot and pineapple. I sure do love to cook and bake, besides my sewing, cooking is my other passion. There's nothing I'm afraid to try making at least once. That tells me if it's a keeper or forget it cause even the dog won't eat it. LOL. not that I have a dog any more, but you get the idea. If the dear hubby gives it a funny look I know it's bad because he's not a picky man. This Paczki recipe made 48! Holey crap that's alot of jelly doughnuts to eat. I gave a whole lot away!! hahahahahahaha. They did get good reviews so I'll be making them again next year.

Tonight I bought a fresh coconut. I have a killer recipe (it was my great grandmother's) for Fresh Coconut Cake. I'm making that tomorrow. One for our house and one for my brother. Oh dear god I'll never be skinny...........

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Freebies. I love 'em!

Wow, I've been a bit negiligent around here lately. I really need to keep up with this better. anyway, a very talented artist is hosting a great Valentine's freebie-wonderful ephemera to use in your creative ventures. Lisa Vollrath is so extremely talented and generous. She's giving away one a day Feb. 1 thru Feb. 14 at her site. Just click here: Valentine's Freebie.