Thursday, November 18, 2010

More French Fashion Shoes

I've made another pair of shoes. I'm hoping to teach these as a workshop next summer. They fit a 12" French Fashion doll.
The box is just a prototype but I've got it worked out to a perfect fit for the shoes. I'm going to make it in a pretty color with some lovely graphics for the lid.
Gosh I just love making shoes......

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doll shoes

My poor dear PUF(Petite Ultimate Fashion)doll Marie Terese was in desperate need of shoes so I made her a pair today. Cream Silk shoes with leather soles. I pulled the threads from the silk to make the little tassels (yes, I do crazy stuff like that! LOL) and the ribbons and ties are silk ribbon.
I also made a pair of maroon silk shoes for my 12" French Fashion. I needed to get this size down pat because I need to send of samples. I'm pretty happy with them so now I need to make a couple more pairs for samples. Maybe a luscious chocolate pair and pair in cream.....hmmmmm....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Second baby done!

Today I finished the second little baby's crocheted outfit. This doll is a bit bigger at 3 3/4inches head to toe. LOL. Yeah, I know, not much bigger huh? A more traditional baby gown and oh so pretty.
More tiny booties,
a 'diaper' with ruffles on the butt and ties on the sides,
sweet little bonnet and long gown. I must say I've had fun crocheting for these two little darlings. I'll deliver these two in Saturday. I think she'll like them don't you? I'm going to vacuum and clean my carpets.....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Joey tries a new chair

Ah yes, Deputy Dipshit strikes again..... LOL. Poor Daddy is sick with the flu/cold virus that's going around and is spending lots of time in the recliner (easier to breathe sitting up). After much pacing and I'm sure measuring and sizing things up in his little pea brain, our sweet Not So Little Joey decided that if Daddy was comfortable in the recliner he wanted to see what it was all about. What a hoot. Honestly this dam poodle thinks he's only teacup size. He just climbed right up into Daddy's lap. He looked over at me and stuck his tongue out. Then, quite pathetically he threw himself across Daddy in a super sympathy "pet-me, I love you" pose. He managed to get his butt on the arm of the chair. If you look you can see he even tried stretching those long stinkin legs out to get more comfy. LOL. Just when you think he can't find another way to look more pathetic.......dam dog......

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am NOT 60 pounds!

Keep the voice of the Abominable Snowman cartoon character in your head as you read below.

Joey says: "No. I aM NoT. REally!! I am only 4 lbs big. that IS all. I fiT hEre fiNE. SEE????FRom hERe I can WaTch all the TRaffiC and my SqUirrel buDDies. See DaD??? oooooh Loookie, there is a deer. oh, oh, another one and another one. They keep running aCroSS thE strEEt and OveR heRE to See ME!! Oh DaD can I Go ouT to pLay Tooooo? Please DAd, PuHLease?? oH LoOK, hERe comES aNoTHer sQUirrel!"

Back to me: While watching Deputy Dipshit draped over the back of my couch, he actually tried to get his back legs up to perch his whole body up there! OMG....he certainly earns his nickname!

Joey says: "I aM so Sad....No oNE wiLL Let mE oUT to ChasE thE sQUirreL......

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tiny Baby

Wow, I got hit by the flu this week! I haven't been this sick in a couple of years. Needless to say, everything got put on the back burner as I was stuck in bed. I couldn't even watch junior....sigh...
Last night things took a turn, my fever broke and I finally started feeling better. YEAH!! I actually felt like doing something so I grabbed my thread and hook and the tiny baby.
Baby now has a darling new baby-blue bubble suit, bonnet and itsybitsy, teenytiny booties (they measure about 3/8inch long.
Amazing what you can do with size 30 thread and a size 10 steel hook.
This morning I cleaned the baby up(there was some sort of dark yuk on those little hands), added ribbon to the outfit and bonnet and put the clothes on. Now, isn't this the cutest little doll house baby?!!! Oh, just to give you some idea of size, the baby is 2 3/4inches long without clothes. Go look at a ruler-yup-that's all! LOL.
Here's those little booties.
I think I'll work on the larger baby this afternoon. That bisque baby is a tad larger-3 3/4inches. Maybe I'll do a vintage gown type of outfit.