Monday, November 8, 2010

Joey tries a new chair

Ah yes, Deputy Dipshit strikes again..... LOL. Poor Daddy is sick with the flu/cold virus that's going around and is spending lots of time in the recliner (easier to breathe sitting up). After much pacing and I'm sure measuring and sizing things up in his little pea brain, our sweet Not So Little Joey decided that if Daddy was comfortable in the recliner he wanted to see what it was all about. What a hoot. Honestly this dam poodle thinks he's only teacup size. He just climbed right up into Daddy's lap. He looked over at me and stuck his tongue out. Then, quite pathetically he threw himself across Daddy in a super sympathy "pet-me, I love you" pose. He managed to get his butt on the arm of the chair. If you look you can see he even tried stretching those long stinkin legs out to get more comfy. LOL. Just when you think he can't find another way to look more pathetic.......dam dog......

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