Friday, November 5, 2010

Tiny Baby

Wow, I got hit by the flu this week! I haven't been this sick in a couple of years. Needless to say, everything got put on the back burner as I was stuck in bed. I couldn't even watch junior....sigh...
Last night things took a turn, my fever broke and I finally started feeling better. YEAH!! I actually felt like doing something so I grabbed my thread and hook and the tiny baby.
Baby now has a darling new baby-blue bubble suit, bonnet and itsybitsy, teenytiny booties (they measure about 3/8inch long.
Amazing what you can do with size 30 thread and a size 10 steel hook.
This morning I cleaned the baby up(there was some sort of dark yuk on those little hands), added ribbon to the outfit and bonnet and put the clothes on. Now, isn't this the cutest little doll house baby?!!! Oh, just to give you some idea of size, the baby is 2 3/4inches long without clothes. Go look at a ruler-yup-that's all! LOL.
Here's those little booties.
I think I'll work on the larger baby this afternoon. That bisque baby is a tad larger-3 3/4inches. Maybe I'll do a vintage gown type of outfit.

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Kate said...

Are you insane? Silly question, of course you are.