Monday, February 8, 2010

Mom's amazing talent

My mom. She's wonderful. She's just finished 5 weeks of radiation for breast cancer and is now doing really good. She's been up north here with us for the last 8 months while going through all this medical stuff. I'll miss her when she goes home.

Mom has crocheted for a long time. My grandmother (dad's mom) taught her when mom was in her 20's. She is NEVER without a hook in her hand and it's almost always for someone else. Rarely does she make anything for herself except Dora clothes. That's kinda funny. I found her some free patterns for clothes for Dora (that cute little cartoon girl) and mom started out making them for one of her grand daughters. She even went out and bought the doll. After making almost 2 dozen outfits she declared that they were going to be hers, she was NOT giving them away and that was that! LOL. too stinkin' funny.

So mom called me before she even came up here. she had a sweater pattern that she wanted to make for a gift for her sister. Oh it was a beautiful pattern, but she just couldn't figure it out. When this has happened a couple of times in the past the two of us sit down, I read and she crochets and then she 'get's it' and she's off and running. not this time. I have never read such a confusing pattern in my life and I do some pretty complicated stuff. It took the two of us working together 3 weeks to make "the sweater from hell". OH, it turned out beautiful in the end. I'll say that, but when mom said she'd like to make another one I told her she was out of her frikkin' mind. She found a hat and scarf pattern that was similar to the sweater but much, much easier to follow so she made those to go with the sweater to complete the set. Yup, she had those done in one evening. LOL. My aunt is going to be one lucky lady to get this set because there won't be another one made. LOLOL!!!

This is mom modeling the sweater set. Gorgeous isn't she?


Anonymous said...

Hi mommie of my best friend! You look fabulous in the sweater set!

Loretta said...

The sweater is gorgeous! I'm glad your mom is better.