Friday, January 29, 2010

Canary is not baby poop green

I just finished crocheting an outfit for bleuette. It was for a Candlewick Thread Challenge. One gal got a whole lot of Candlewick Thread in a color called 'Canary'. Now, I've owned canaries. I have NEVER owned a canary this color. LOL. Mine were beautiful yellow, yellow with brown, and red. Never "Baby Shit Green". honestly. How did someone name this thread Canary???? Anyway, We each got one card of Canary Candlewick thread to create an outfit. the outfit had to be 90% of this Canary. oh dear. what on earth do you do with babyshit green?????? the gal was kind enough to send along 3 other colors that 'complimented' the canary-harvest gold, olive green and navy blue. Compliment huh? LOL. ok. let's make this work. I grabbed my hook and went to work. no pattern-just crochet by the seat of my pants. Well, after ripping the top apart three times it started to finally work out so I kept going. I made a drop-waist dress, beret, purse and socks. I made a slip and sewed it right into the dress. I made a lining for the little purse and sewed that right in. it closes with a little bead. I put navy ribbon through the beading that I crocheted into the beret and the dress. After all is said and done I guess it's not too bad. It's got a nice "Old Timey" look to it and that goes well with this doll.


kate_erbach said...

OH OH OH! This is a beautiful doll and an equally beautiful outfit. I LOVE the baby shit green color. It goes beautifully with the navy. Perfect in every way.

Loretta said...

Ellen, it turned out great. I love the whole thing. You are a fantastic crocheter! Did you design this pattern? Would you like to share with a fellow Bleuette friend?