Saturday, June 5, 2010

Knitting insanity

Gosh, I just love to be challenged. I'm being challenged now. A friend had made me a pair of tiny knitted socks that I just adored. they are really perfect. They are knitted. Now, I am not a very proficient knitter. I'm self-taught and I dash to the internet for help each time I get 'stuck' or can't remember how to do something. (thank goodness for sites like YouTube and!!) I have been crocheting all my life so I can do that in my sleep. Knitting...well....I really like to knit, I just suck at it. I mean really, how many times do I have to look up how to M1???? you'd think it would stick in my brain at some point. LOL...sigh. so,This is my hand trying to figure out how to juggle 5 long, skinny (size000) knitting needles. It's not pretty! I felt as though I had 7 thumbs that all kept getting in the way but I persevered on. I was determined to figure this out. Once I got the hang of holding the 4 needles and working with the 5th it got a little easier. I finished the first sock. It came out pretty darn cute. My variegated perle cotton striped itself and I was pleasantly surprised by that. It looks mighty cute doesn't it? Now I've got to get the second sock done. Here's the foot done. I even 'turned the heel'! and without any gaping holes along the sides. I'm amazing myself. I wish someone made short needles in this tiny size. I know I'm not the only one knitting doll socks-or any other tiny doll size stuff. It would be so much easier than these long needles. I mean, they're sock needles so they're only 7inches long, but that's like knitting with samurai swords when you're working on a teenytiny doll sock. LOL. So, off I go to finish the second sock...maybe I'll get more adventurous when I tackle another pair and try to do a lacey upper part of the sock.
hugs and smiles everyone!

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Kate said...

What the heck is and M1? Bwaahhhahahha