Monday, August 20, 2007

That warm fuzzy feeling

I just love our club High on Dolls. It is the best group of ladies on the planet. Each year we do a service project-either we make dolls to donate to a shelter or fire/police department, or we make dolls to auction off and donate the money to a worthy cause. This year we made dolls to donate. The pattern is 'The Dragalongs' by Phat Phaeries Inc. My design partner Kate and I donated the pattern for the project. Is there a greater joy than giving a doll to a child? No, there isn't. These are simple beginner dolls that are just so darling. perfect for bringing a smile to a childs face. The ladies in our club have made 37 so far and a few more are coming in next month yet!! It's obviously easy-peasy for this very talented group to whip out these darling dolls for our project. Just look at these cuties. All so fun and different. These ladies just give, give, give. I am so proud to be part of their group.


Anonymous said...

What a great job the girls did. I am so proud too. Give them all big hugs from me.

Clothmatters said...

Ellen the dolls are fantasic and what a wonderful gesture to give the dolls to charity. Your doll group sounds like a bunch of talented and thoughtful ladies.