Thursday, August 16, 2007

Practical matters

Well, sometimes practical matters have to take over. I was watching dearest hubby hanging out his laundry (yes, he does his own laundry-doesn't want me to have to deal with his uckky work clothes-he's a real keeper!) anyway, I noticed that the clothespin bag was falling apart bad. real bad. I remembered a cute pattern that I picked up last year on a trip to Amish country and dug it out. It was for laundry aids and had a darling clothespin holder. so I dug through my stash and found some cute fabric-I didn't want it to be all flowery since he does half the laundry. I made up a new, really cute clothespin holder. It still needs a couple of buttons to finish it off but doesn't it look like a Hawaiin shirt with those tropical drinks all over it? It's black, that's pretty manly I think. hahahahahaha. When I asked him if he liked it I got the very well practiced and robotic "Yes, Dear, It's nice Dear". ~~~smiles, I know he likes it~~~~~~~.

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