Sunday, September 6, 2009

I just love Lucy

I finally finished the full size Amigurumi Free Spirit doll at By Hook, By Hand. This one is made with worsted weight yarn as her pattern calls for. Quite a bit bigger than the previous doll I made with the cotton. I loved learning how to do her wig. There's a wonderful wig tutorial on her Flickr. It just makes so much sense and uses so much less yarn than the old fashioned way of doing a yarn hair-do. I used an orange worsted weight along with a deep rust colored lace weight yarn. The combo gave it depth and highlight at the same time.
She's so darn cute. I've crocheted her quite the wardrobe and she still wants more. I just finished a pink teddy bear for her (also a free pattern from Beth). They looks so cute posed in a teddy bear rocking chair. Now she wants a new pet-her own snail....found a really cute free pattern online so i'm off to make Lucy a snail. A mom's work is never done...LOL!

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