Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love is everywhere

I dont' know why, but I've found hearts all my life. In odd places. In odd ways. For as long as I can remember. Some I've kept. Some I've given away. Some are more special than I could ever describe. The most special one of all is my daughter's birthmark. yup, it's a heart. about 1/2inch big and right above her heart on her chest. It's always been there. I've got heart shaped stones that I've found while gardening or out walking. Heart shaped flowers. A heart shaped pothole in a parking lot. Now, why on earth would that be there? Just for me to stumble upon I suppose. These are the silly ways I find hearts.

I hadn't found a heart for a while. Yesterday hubby and I went to our favorite Amish farmer for produce to 'put up'. While processing tomatoes today this is what I found:

It's just some sort of Karma for me. It reminds me that Life is Good.
I love hearts.

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