Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Basket Surprise

Well, well, well! the girls sure got a big surprise left in our mailbox today. A most unique Valentine's Day "Basket". Yes, the post office actually allows this to go through. As long as it has appropriate postage they don't have a problem. The girls quickly gathered around to see what on earth this could be. Tante Janie sent us a see through basket loaded with goodies that the ladies from Bleudoor made! Even the dog had to get his nose in there. He thought he smelled some goodies in there! Little Darla threw herself over the bottle to get a good look inside. "Look Maman! There's presents for us all!" Claudia quickly grabbed the lid and tried to twist it off. Francoise just laughed and told her that was silly because those presents would not fit through the small opening. The swooshed the dog out of the way and peeled away the tape to reveal the treasures. The other two girls came in to join the fun. Veronique plunked down all naked and squealed as she quickly put on her new hat from Tante Pat. With all the packages dumped out in front of them they dove in to claim items. If you look closely, the dog thought he'd get in on the goodies so they had to find a way to contain him. Raquel grabbed the bottom of the bottle and used it as a doggy playpen. Someone gave him an orange sucker to keep him from whining and they also hung a darling heart shaped valentine cookie from his ear. He's now quiet and happy to watch the rest of the goings on. Claudia put the piece of red tulle on her head and declared that she made a beautiful Valentine's Day Bride. She also grabbed a darling heart shaped purse from Tante Nance and a book made by Tante Pam. Veronique was getting cold so she put on the darling apron made from antique fabric by Tante Angie. Raquel grabbed the maroon ultra suede purse from Tante Arlene and the necklace from Tante Blythe. She also put on the new frilly collar made by Tante Sassy. Claudia put on the collar made by Tante JudiRose and grabbed the Valentine that Tante Pam also made. Francoise put on the lovely hat/snood made by Tante Rochelle. The girls are going to share the heart sew ons sent by Tante Gabrielle and the embroidered hearts that Tante Hildi made and they put their chocolate kisses in the little embroidered heart basket that is also made by Tante Hildi. Veronique grabbed the cake that Tante Margie made but was quickly told that good little girls always share. The girls and I want to thank all these wonderful Bleudoor Tantes for putting so much love in this special Valentines gift.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the girls had so much fun! What cute things they got.