Thursday, June 18, 2009

We've got a new baby!

Meet Joey.

He's a King Standard Poodle.
He's only 7 months old and he's already so tall that he just rests his head on the kitchen table. reaching for him, it's right there at mouth level...sigh....LOL. He came to live with us today. He's a rescue. A little old lady had bought him and kept him chained in the house on a 3ft chain for over 4 months. In spite of the harsh beginning, he's got a fabulous personality. Is not afraid of anything and is very, very friendly. He's showing alot of intelligence and catches on to things quickly. We're sure he'll train up in no time at all. He's already house broke! Yeah!
I'm so giddy about this. We used to have a Royal Giant Standard (Merlyne). He was a big boy weighing in at 125lbs and lived to a lovely 12 yrs old. Imagine a 125lb poodle coming atcha! LOL. that'll get your attention. We also had a teacup poodle. our little 4lb Gabby. She lived to 12 yrs old also. We lost Merlyn about 8 yrs ago and Gabby about 3 yrs ago. Our lives have been very empty and hubby refused to get another dog. He was adamant about it and the answer was always NO. Something happened to him when he saw Joey. Hubby just absolutely melted. He's absolutely giggly about this dog and has taken him on two walks, played outside with him. Scrubbed, dried and painted his kennel to look like new and made me run inside to get the camera for him to take pictures of Joey. I've had to upload the pics and get them ready so hubby can email them to all his relatives and friends when I get off the computer. this is just too funny. My life is so happy again. I sure missed having a dog in the house.
Joey is now happily tired out and sleeping at our feet.....Life is good..........

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! And Jim, you old softie you.
love, Kate