Thursday, April 9, 2009

Secret Surprise

Surprises are just so much fun! I got one in the mail today. One group is having a Secret Sister Surprise this year every couple of months. My first package arrived today and Darla was with me when it got here. She was watching me crochet for a new doll baby and got very excited at the box. She asked why I sent a box to myself? ( for the Secret Sister, we put the receivers name in both the "to" and "from" positions-clever huh?LOL).
Anyway, after I explained this she jumped in to help me open the package. Such fun in a little box. Wrapped in very pretty flowered tissue was two lovely FQ's-the pink one has little houses, cottages and windmills and the other is a light airy blue polka dot. Also included was a tiny set of gardening tools, a book about the circus, a darling green gingham bunny and a really wonderful hand crocheted spring dress in lovely pastels.
Darla quickly tried on the dress, grabbed the book and sat down to read the circus story to the bunny. What a wonderful present from my Secret Sister.

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