Saturday, April 11, 2009

ohgawd I love to cook

Today ended up being a wonderful day. A cheer-me-up phone call from my BFF and then I got to work cooking and baking for tomorrow. I made two loaves of mush to fry tomorrow morning for breakfast. I made a cheese pie for tomorrows lunch. I baked a fresh coconut cake for my brother's birthday tomorrow, then, I made the most wonderful pans of Nut and Poppyseed rolls ever. I made the filling and put that out to cool, then made my good sweet bread recipe for the dough. Hubby says I outdid myself and made the best ever. of course, we HAD to sample them, so hubby took "the ugly one from the middle". He makes me laugh. We wouldn't want the family to eat something that wasn't up to par...LOL.

Good Gravy, food this good should be illegal! hahahahahahahahaha!!! Life is good....sigh....

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Anonymous said...

Looks good enough to eat "off of the computer screen". Glad to hear that you hand has healed.

Take Care,