Saturday, May 2, 2009

the wonders of modern medicine

Wannnnananana~~~~~~~~~wananananananana (hear the sounds from 'the Bionic man'?) Yesterday took me back under the knife. I know, I know, I just had both hands done in the fall (carpal tunnel) but now both thumbs went whonkey. Trigger thumb is terribly painful and when the doctor said he could give me a shot that would just mask the problem, I asked if he could just fix it. He's an excellent surgeon and yesterday he fixed it. Two weeks and the 'wrapping' comes off and it'll be back to life as usual, well, at least until he fixes the other thumb at the end of May. Now, If only they could find a way to take blood and do IV's that didn't leave a person looking like they've been in a major accident......sigh..... these bruises are 2 inches!! and they feel like huge lumps under the skin....

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