Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby gets a Bassinette

Now I know why I prefer thread crochet. working with heavy yarn is sure hard on the hand and takes forever!! I finished this the day before surgery. the top is the cradle. it opens to a wonderful storage compartment. the bottom ruffle drawstrings shut over the whole thing to become a purse so dolly can go away with you. isn't it a great idea for a little girl. she can play quietly with dolly wherever she goes. It's an old Annie's Attic pattern from 1991. They have a new updated version. The old pattern also had a pattern for a crocheted dolly and clothes.

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creativedawn said...

That is a beautiful idea....a basinette that becomes a purse! Of course you would be surprised at things that I can see as a handbag...teeheehee... Your operations don't appear to have slowed your creativity...that is awesome crochet! Love it! Hope you are not in too much pain for too much of the time! Happy creating!