Monday, March 16, 2009

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program folks!

We DID NOT want to come back from vacation!! Most people are glad to be back home-we were NOT! (Well, except for my own bed-I didn't sleep much on vacation) vacation was way, way too short....sigh......swimming every day, some sight-seeing, nice weather (instead of cold, rain, and snow) and just general relaxation....ahhhhhhhhh.........

So, now that I'm back and actually functioning again -seriously, it took me a week to get over the 3-hour time change. geesh, that's really pretty difficult for me-I've started creating again. I'm going to show you an item I made before vacation. I just couldn't post it until someone received it. It was a special surprise and I didn't want to spoil that. It's a Fairy Outfit for a bleuette doll. I made it with blue satin and lots of tulle. My own design all the way down to the fairy wand made from an antique button that had the most beautiful aurora borealis crystals in it. The dress has 12 layers of tulle for a nice fullness. There's even matching blue satin panties and little bleu satin shoes that I made. The wings I did freehand. I just zigzagged over wire then layed the wire on organza and zigzagged the shapes I wanted. I stitched them right into the dress to get the right look. Her hair wreath is wire wrapped with tulle and added tulle puffs and flowers and sprigs of sparkly dried baby's breath. Oh so pretty.

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