Monday, March 2, 2009

Time for some R & R

(Cue elevator music)

I'm taking a break from home life and I've flown the coup. I've gone away to a bright, warm, sunshiney place and won't be home for another week. Hubby has joined me and we're just basking in the sun, visiting museums (picture me with a totally bored look ) but he's enjoying himself tremendously. (now, tell me honestly, don't all these dam trains and airplanes look the same to you? and really, mile after mile of boneyard airplanes....(more tedious music) I follow along, carry the extra camera batteries and say "yes, dear" as he tells me all the intimate details of each airplane/train......the life of a wife. (but I would NEVER tell him I was bored, that would break his heart and besides, he finds quilt/fabric shops for me to visit.) so, I'll be back next week with more fun stuff that's I've made or done. (elevator music fading away...........................

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