Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm partied out

3 parties in one weekend. Whew! I'm pooped. I've been cleaning and cooking for a week. Friday the kids came in from out of town. Saturday was hubby's 60th birthday. He didn't want a party. He just wanted a small backyard BBQ with our kids. ....riiight..... Soon it was, "honey, did you invite @#%#?". two days later, "honey, did you invite %#$#^?" and it continued until I had 30 people coming. now, I have a tiny house so we had 3 canopies set up in the back yard. The day started with a fun surprise for hubby, he went out to walk the dog at 6am and was greeted with this:

he was quite tickled. He loves deer. We had to take all kinds of pictures of the deer and him with the deer. it was too funny. Everyone showed up for the party and we had a blast. Of course, right in the middle of the party we got hit with a fast but furious rain storm. Everyone dove into the house except me. I was at the grill cooking so I got soaked to my undies. I didn't mind thought because it was one of those really warm refreshing summer rains. It stopped after about 15 minutes so everyone came back out, we dried off all the furniture and went right back to having fun. It was a wonderful relaxing day. After everyone had left and I had the mess all cleaned up I got to work making a cake for the next day.

The next day I went to a 'Hitty Goes to Las Vegas Party'. I have my little grand daughter for the week so she went too. We both had a really fun time. She's only 18 months but very well trained and socialized so she was just as pleasant as could be. That was with 10 wonderful ladies and we shared party favors and exchanged a gift for Hitty.

Grand daughter and I left that party at 5 to run home, pick up Grampa, grandson, and a cake and go to the next party. That was a birthday party for my mother. I made her favorite cake-a made from scratch coconut cake. My dad was put in charge of getting one candle (a number 6-I already had one number 6 so we just needed the second one) and he got the ice cream. We all had a good time (a much smaller gathering of just 20-LOL!). Got home, gave baby a bath put her down and collapsed! LOL.

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Clothmatters said...

Hi Ellen- I like the front yard 'Happy Birthday' surprise you created for your husband. Too funny!