Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Challenge

I'm challenging myself again. Anyone that knows me, knows that this is a HUGE challenge to myself. I really don't like teenytiny, miniature stuff. oh, it's awesome as long as someone else has done it. I love to admire stuff and I'm in awe at the gals that love to do miniature. Anyway, someone gave me a set of twin dollhouse babies. Really teenyweenytiney babies. Here's a picture of one of them on a ruler. yup, that's only 1 3/4inches long

So I have these poor nakey babies that have been that way for almost a year now. I guess it's time to make them some dresses. I really do love a challenge so I've gotten out my size 12 perle cotton and size 12 steel hook.........more to come in a few days.....this will be a good project while I watch it snow....and snow.....and snow....and snow............(that great lake effect snow is just chugging away at full speed)....I'm off to crochet.

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