Saturday, August 18, 2012

LaLa becomes a hat...

Isn't LalaLoopsy just stinkin' cute? I sure think so and so does Strawberina. So much so that she wanted an outfit to look like a LaLa doll. So I decided to start with a hat. what a cute way to look like LaLa. So, tonight I finished the hat. It's crocheted and I used embroidery floss for the hair color (divided down to 2 strands for the hat and 4 strands for the curls) and perle cotton for the flesh-tone. Of course, I had no black buttons so I had to make do with some black felt. it worked. Strawberina is VERY happy with her new hat. Next, I'll work on an outfit to go with her new hat. ....uh, I know the picture's not the greatest, but I'm tired and I only had my phone close to take the picture. When I get the outfit done I'll grab the camera and get a much better picture. but in the meantime, here ya go, a look-see at her new hat:
Like I said, just Stinkin' cute!

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MaryC said...

We want one! :-) MaryC