Monday, November 19, 2007

Mom's magical crochet hook

I just love my mother's crocheting. I spent the last week with her after she had her foot surgery and I swear the woman went through crochet withdrawals. She has got to have that hook in her hand at least 12 hours a day or God Help Us All she is not happy. you're probably wondering where I"m going with this.??

I sat down next to her and crocheted a 'pleated' skirt for a new Bleuette manikin that I made while I was at her house. It came out adorable. she wanted to know what I was making next so I showed her an old French LSDS pattern for gaiters. She grabbed the pattern and began translating it and the next thing I knew she had my hook and the baby yarn (that I had 'borrowed' from her stash) and she started to make the gaiters. I ran to the store for her and when I got back, my doll had not only new gaiters, but also a sweater and hat to complete the ensemble! When it comes to crochet, my mom is quite the talent! way to go Mom!!

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Sharon-NZ said...

clever clever lady your mum, never could master the crocheting... wonderful outfit..

hugs sharon-nz