Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh Pinterest, what are you doing to me?

so, here I am posting again...LOL. pull yourselves back up off the floor and shut your mouth-You know who you BadGurlz are! LOLOL.....Luv ya anyway....I can already hear the comments coming...

I've been down here visiting my Other Half and house sitting. It has been glorious being in "our own place" for the time being. 1 more week to go then I'm off the Convention and he gets a week to himself in the house (sitting around scratching himself and doing things that men do when wifey isn't around to keep a lid on it I suppose-he'd kill me if he read this! LOL)

Much to his happiness I've been cooking and baking to my hearts content. Pinterest has been a BAD influence on his healthy living. Although he's sure been smiling alot. So let's see, what have I experimented with....Mostly baking but a few other items as well.

Here's three of the things I've tried:

First there is the Almost Home-made Salsa.
We're on our third batch in just 2 weeks so I guess it's a keeper. I call it almost Home-made because it uses a can of diced tomatoes and a can of Original Rotel as the base with other fresh ingredients added in. He tried some salsa from Trader Joe's that a friend gave us yesterday and told me I really needed to make a new batch of "That Good One You Make Now". LOL. so, here's a link to the Good Salsa.

Then I made some really good Sour Cream N Bacon Crock Pot Chicken. Check out the yummy pic when you hit that link. Unfortunately I had a brain-fart moment when I bought the chicken. It looked like chicken breast in the package-honest....How the heck I missed the tiny writing on the bottom I"ll never know but it was Leg/thigh pieces.....dang. so I skinned it and used it anyway. I think being bone-in pieces it created way too much broth so the "gravy" was extra loose, but the chicken fell off the bone and since Other Half likes dark meat he had no problem with it. Oh, the other thing I didn't do was cook the bacon first. I just followed her directions. I've decided that next time I am going to crisp the bacon and crumble it into the "gravy" that gets dumped into the pot over the meat. It was very tasty so I will make it again, but this time I'll be really sure I  read the chicken label better and get some breasteses. Besides, crock pot cooking is great in this heat! no stinkin' hot kitchen!

and Today.....ah today......I made these:
Holey crap we died and went to Heaven....I'm in Heaven...and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak......sorry, segued into Fred Astair....
Anyway, these Girl Scout Samoa-like Cookie Bars are A-Frikkin-Mazing....I made two minor changes. I omitted the egg in the crust-without the egg it's a sturdier shortbread. And I used Cream instead of the milk with the caramel. I used Kraft Caramels. I didn't dip them, but used a knife and just spread the chocolate on the bottoms then I put the last of the chocolate in a sammich bag and snipped the corner to squirt the little chocolate lines on top. Other Half was eating the "mistakes" (the ones that fell apart as I cut them) before I could even put the chocolate on. He said they were good just like that> but I tell you, as soon as I added the chocolate he couldn't keep his hands off...4 cookies later he was begging me to put them away....LOL. They were a bit fiddly to make, but it seems these fiddly ones are almost always some of the best.

So that's what's new.
I miss my kids really bad.
I miss Jackass Joey really bad.
I miss my friends really bad.
I'll keep baking my blues away..........

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