Friday, July 6, 2012

Where did it go?

time, that is....Life has kept me busy. It actually got in the way. I guess I'm not one of those great bloggers that seems to be able to keep up with posting and life. Big changes are happening for me. Hubby lost a job and landed a new one....across country. We're in the middle of that so it explains alot doesn't it? The thought of leaving the kids/grandkids and family is almost unbearable. It's taken quite a while to come to grips with that idea. I've finally made my peace with it and just keep reminding myself that I'll just have to fly out and see them whenever it gets to be too much. ....and then there's my wonderful friends...sigh....and doll get the idea.

So, I've been crocheting. All my sewing is packed away in about crochet it is. I don't use patterns so all my work is OOAK.....Here's some eye candy for you:
Little Miss Liberty
Peach Delight

Little Victorian Darling
snail and hooty owl
This little darling is Strawberina. I just love crocheting for her. The outfits have been selling as fast as I can make them...which is a good thing. (do you know how frikkin expensive it is to move across country?!!) and then I decided she needed some little pets so I made her a snail and a hooty owl. I think she may need some more pets.

Amelia Thimble
oh, then I made an outfit for a little doll called Amelia Thimble. Holey crap NEVER again...that doll is so whonky and I was so afraid I would break her.  She's 4inches.

ok. that's it for now...this has actually been good for me so I'll try to remember to do this more often. Later Gators.....

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