Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bleuette Manikin cutie

WOW, I just love a fabulous pattern! So, here's the little manikin I made last night from the pattern posted by the fantastic doll designer Judi Ward. It's her free Bleuette Manikin. A wonderfully designed little doll that goes together perfectly. Judi gives two hand options -mitt and fingers. I did the tiny little fingers. It makes a perfect little delicate hand and posable even! I definately have to make more of these to display all the bleuette clothes I'm making. She's the perfect size for a little girl to play with even. She has a really cute shape and I sculpted a belly button and cute little bum on her to complete the doll. I love the shoulder plate design. She looks like a little porcelain doll. Judi has the pattern available on her website. Judi's Dolls Isn't this the cutest little bum? This is another quality pattern from Judi and a freebee at that! What a generous gift to the doll world!


Anonymous said...

Cripes, I can't believe you already got one done! She is darling. I need to get mine printed out so I can make one or ten!

Clothmatters said...

Great work on your Bluette Manikin doll Ellen. She turned out beautifully!