Thursday, October 25, 2007

2 down 1 to go

Whew~~~wiping brow~~~~~~

Made it through the Bridal/Baby shower 2 weekends ago. Last weekend was my brother's wedding (good gawd awmighty could that have been any more stressful??? I don't think so. nope, in fact I'm sure of it-that took the tops in the stress catagory as I ended up being the wedding coordinator-side note: now I know why those people get paid BIG bucks) now this weekend is the baby shower for our daughter. Then I get to collapse. WHEW...... Now, I live in a tiny house. tiny. 1300 sq. feet and that includes the basement. LOL. we had 6 adults, 1 dog and a severely disabled child in the house. I swear you could see the walls bulging as you drove up the street.

Well, in spite of all the insanity I managed to finish my pincushion for an October swap. The theme was Fall-n-Leaves and I'm really pleased. The first thing that came to mind was a tree. I used a brass candle stick for weight and a center post for stability. I used woolfelt and cut and sewed to get the shape I wanted. I had those darling leaves that were like sequins without holes and those were perfect for the tree. I made some cute little push pins out of Shrinky Dink and silk pins. They made the nicest addition to the tree. She's getting mailed out tomorrow morning.

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Clothmatters said...

Ellen- I certainly hope the remaining part of this month is a stress free, calming time for you. You certainly deserve a gold medal for all the functions you have organized and hosted. I love your Fall 'n Leaves Tree pin cushion. Your creations are always spectacular!