Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy, busy

Ok, this is a long one! hang on and here we go......

Well, I've survived watching two little ones. It was interesting to see the differences between them since they are only 7 days apart in age. One likes to sit up and play with toys, the other likes to lay and play and wants to crawl. They both smiled endlessly which was just pure joy! I've been busy sewing, crocheting etc. I got my three Toni's all together for their first photo shoot. The Redhead is one I recently purchased off Ebay and was quite upset because I discovered that the head had been repainted and filled with oil (I'm assuming to lubricate the eyes) and the poor doll was constantly leaking oil out of her eyes and neck. I had to take her completely apart and clean the heck out of her head to remove all the oil. the original blonde wig was in such bad shape that it just disintegrated in my hands. She now has a pretty red wig and looks beautiful.
The blonde is my childhood doll that I had recently found and cleaned up to her present splendor. She is dressed in a lovely lemon-yellow crocheted dress and collar that I got in a RRswap. I crocheted the matching socks. The brunette doll is a Tonner Toni which is no longer being made. she is modeling some new undies that I also received in the swap.
The full crinoline slip, pink polka dot panties, crocheted socks and the hat are what I made to give away in the swap.

I Made this darling Bleuette size ballet outfit for another swap I did. It was a Birth Year swap. we had to use a pattern from our birth year or if there wasn't any for that year, back up by a decade and choose a pattern. There was none for my year, so I backed up and found the darling ballet tutu pattern. The panties, hat and ballet slippers are my own patterns. I ended up making myself a ballet outfit also because My little girl was heartbroken that I was giving it away and she wouldn't be able to pretend she was in the ballet. Isn't she just precious. this is my new bleuette that I just bought from a friend this past week. I've named her Philomene after one of my grandmothers.

This is my second new bleuette. I put her together this week. I had been slowly buying the parts to put together. I bought the head around Christmas time. I bought the body a few weeks ago. I bought the wig last week so I was finally able to assemble her. I've NEVER spent so much on a doll wig before but I had a certain vision of what I wanted her to look like stuck in my brain and I wasn't going to be happy until I had achieved that. Now, I'm happy I spent the extra money for the special wig. She's exactly as I pictured. She is named Claudia.

I even managed to take two days to 'clean' my sewing room. It was for two reasons, first, my wonderful hubby is going to install a new ceiling fan for me and I had to be able to move my sewing machine out of the way (it sits right in the middle of the room). and secondly, I had to get a bit more organized. I'm trying to get organized and it seems that if I take a day or two here and there I'm finally able to get a grip on stuff and there's sortof a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm actually getting organized nicely now.

I am now working on another half dozen more puppies. I have ladies patiently waiting for their new doggies. I'm so glad that the puppies are so popular. They really are darling.

ok, I'm off to shower, dress and, maybe just sew, I can always shower later......

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