Saturday, January 17, 2009

where does the time go?

ok, so i forgot about my blog. well, not really, just didn't get around to it. I don't know why. I guess it just got away from me. this year should be better. at least I'll try......

I've gotten back to my sewing. I had surgery on both hands and they're healing pretty good. the right hand is doing really good. just some strength issues and the dam elbow problem. the left hand is going to take longer, but hey. it's so much better already I"m super duper happy!!! hurry for a great surgeon!

I knitted a lovely ski suit for my new mocha colored Bleutte. I used the new 'Spa' yarn-it's a bamboo yarn. so soft and lovely--ooh. I also crocheted her a new Christmas stocking.

Now I'm crocheting 14 sets of bleuette sized fingerless gloves for a Valentines project. A group of us are all making little Valentines things to share. They're coming out so cute!

Yesterday I made a fur coat, hat and muff for my Ginny. We had to go to a doll club meeting today and it's just too cold (5 degrees-frikkin burr)for her to go out without being properly dressed. I had a piece of super soft, silky fakey white fur fabric and it made an adorable set. And yes, she is wearing teenytiny little gloves that I made for her from some stretch lycra that I found in my stash. it was the smallest piece. I need to find some more of that stuff. it made awesome gloves.

I couldn't sleep this morning so at 6:30 I was up making a little pink flamingo to go with an Alice in Wonderland outfit that I bartered away. It came out so doggone cute (so did the outfit)I'm going to make another flamingo for myself. Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic before giving it today. I used an old Julie McCollough pattern from SD&A. It made a 28inch flamingo-wayway too big for what I needed so I copied the pattern at 68%. that was still too big so I copied the reduced pattern at 50%. It ended up being the perfect size! I'll post a pic of the next one I make.

Here's what it looks like outside:
we're getting more tonight-supposedly another 5-7 inches. and in this deep freeze, it's not going anywhere soon.
I'll talk to you all soon!

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