Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bleuette gets an elephant

I finished this darling little fellow at 1:30 this a.m. Isn't he just the cutest. Here's his story:

Bleuette was always quite privilaged and came from an adventurous family. Her Great-Uncle Goodfried was away on safari in the great savannah when he came upon this poor fellow. Some beastly being had done away with the great mother and left the baby elephant alone and hungry. Well, Goodfried just couldn't leave the baby all to his lonesome to wander and become a meal for some hungry lion now could he? He new that Bleu had always loved elephants and knew she would make a most attentive mother so he had the squalling beast crated and shipped.

Bleu's Mother and Father were a bit surprised (well not that surprised-one never knows what Goodfried would send to Bleu) but with great sighs they were resigned to let Bleu care for the baby. Uncle Goodfried told Bleu the baby's name was Anana which meant soft and gentle. This described the little elephants disposition beautifully. Bleu and the baby lived quite happily for many, many years. Look closely and you can see how happy the baby elephant is!


ana said...

What a lovely story and beautiful blu. I just ladore the name Anana i like names that have meanings.

Clothmatters said...

Ellen- Beautiful work on the elephant. He is soooo precious!

Clothmatters said...

Hey Ellen----You have been
TAGGED! Name TAGGED that is. Visit my blog to find out what to do next.