Friday, September 21, 2007

I love to make doll clothes.

The best part of doll making for me is the costuming. I've been having a ball making clothing for Bleuette. This is her new nightgown, robe and sleeping cap. It takes me longer than I'd like, but that's because I'm just too meticulous. I try to take shortcuts but the old seamstress in me (and the old Polish Gramma Guilt talking in my brain) won't let me . hahahahahahaha. My grandmother taught me to sew buttons on gingham when I was 3. by the time I was 5, I was propped up on phonebooks sewing clothes on her old singer. It had a knee pedal so I could make it run(really fast sometime too if I wasn't careful!). I have her machine and it still works. I have made dolls and clothes for as long as I can remember. there was never a time when I didn't sew. She made me rip out many seams and redo them if they weren't nice and straight so I guess that's where my attention to neatness came from. yes, even on doll clothes I take the time to have even seams, finish all the seams and line things like the little hunting jacket I just made for Bleuette-it is lined, even the cuffs. I know, seems kinda silly for doll clothes, but I still have a few pieces of doll clothes that I made for my dolls when I was little and they're in good shape considering their age. I have pictures of some of her clothing that is done in a new album-Trunk Doll Challenge-at my Picturetrail page. there's a link on the right side of this blog. I'm almost done with her swimming outfit. the suit is done and her shoes are done, all I need to make is her swimming hat to tuck her hair in. She wouldn't want to get those darling curls wet.


Sharon-NZ said...

Wow, thats a beautiful outfit, just lovely, you are very clever sewing these little outfits so well

hugs sharon -nz

Clothmatters said...

I love her outfit! You are truly an awesome doll artist and costumer designer. Exquisite work Ellen.