Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A day at Lake Erie

1909 Swim Ensemble
Bleu grabs her towel and is ready to take on the cool waters of Lake Erie in this charming 1909 Swimming Ensemble. She wears matching proper swim-dress, swim-cap(to protect those darling curls) long stockings and swim shoes. Mother is so proud that she exposes only the minimal skin so as not to excite those leacherous boys!
This is Bleu's newest outfit for her trunk. She had to have some way to keep cool during these long hot late summer days. It sure is amazing how bathing suits have changed. This was a proper bathing suit but I sure don't see how it could have allowed anyone to cool off. You had to have almost all your skin covered. Most ladies wore a long ankle-length dressing gown over their swim suit which they would shed before entering the water. ohheavenforbid should a man (GASP) see some skin.....drop one of those women into todays fashions and she would have a heart attack at just the thought of wearing two bandaids and some string and calling that a swim suit. teeheeeheeheeeheeeeeeeeee.

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Clothmatters said...

I love the swim dress and cap. Magnificent work.