Friday, September 28, 2007

Philomene's new costume.

I found a darling 1911 Halloween pic posted online and it is supposed to be the cover for a deck of cards. I just loved the little girl in her witch costume and decided that my Bleuette needed a Halloween costume of her own. The pic was the perfect inspiration and so she now has a new outfit. I already had the perfect size old fashioned looking pumpkin for her to hold. The hat only took 2 tries to get the right size. The collar is separate from the dress and the bow is stitched directly to the collar. the belt is held in place by hand-knotted loops on each side of her dress. I may make her a set of cuffs yet to finish the look of the antique pic. that's the only thing I didn't make yet. The outfit is my own design inspired by the pic. oh, and I don't have a pair of dark boots for her. She looked cute in her red maryjanes so they will have to do.

I was finally able to decide on a name for her. I chose the name of one of my great-grandmothers. Philomene. Lovely isn't it?! and I think it suits her well. At least, so far she seems pleased with the name.


marymade said...

What a cute outfit and so appropriate for this time of year. I love the hat with it. Yours is the first cloth Bleuette I've seen - she's adorable!


Clothmatters said...

Philomene is wonderful! Great outfit and love her red MaryJane shoes. Excellent work as usual Ellen.