Monday, September 3, 2007

I've been Name Tagged!

Well, well, well, I've been "Name Tagged" by Connie at ClothMatters. Ok, I'll try to play nice this time! LOL. I'm not too good at playing Tag. I was the one who liked to hide behind the tree and just watch!

ok, I am to write something about myself for corresponding with each letter of my name. So away we go.....

E- Enthusiastic
L-Laughing all the time
L-Life's too short-the motto I live by
E-Entertaining-yup, that's me (or so I've been told)
N- *someone needs to fill this one in for me* I'm stumped.

Now to share the love:
I'm going to tag the following lovely ladies:

Kerry at Attic Rose Creations
Natalie at Creative Characters
Judi W at Art Dolls
Kat at Designs by Kat Lees
Karen at Karen's Dolls and Stuff

Ladies, TAG, YOU'RE IT!

1 comment:

Clothmatters said...

Hey Ellen-----N for Nice or Nut! LOL.