Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Man, am I slacking on my blog. I've got to find more hours in the day. I'm trying to get my 'trunk doll' done for an online challenge and stuff just gets in the way. This is my wonderful bestest friend Kate (on the left). I had my darling hubby snap a shot before we went to the airport. Isn't this a great pic?

I had a busy week which ended with a fun night Saturday. Hubby's brother came to town to celebrate his(brother's)birthday so we took him to the Ballgame Saturday evening. It was a great baseball game. Our Indian's won 6 to zip. wow. we had great seats and really enjoyed the evening.

Now, I've got to get finishing my doll clothes. I'm doing a wardrobe for my cloth bleuette. So far she's got 3 dresses, a combinations, a hunting outfit (including jodhpurs, vest, jacket, hat and gaiters)a nightgown, sleeping cap and i'm just finishing a robe, oh, and her elephant. Next she's getting a girl scout uniform and a wedding dress to play dress up. I'm keeping her clothes within a 4 year time period. 1907-1911. I'll post a few pics of her tomorrow.


Judi Wellnitz said...

Great pic - so fun to see what everyone looks like. Can't wait to see all the Bluette clothes!

Clothmatters said...

Ellen- Stop being a slacker and put up some pictures of the Bluette clothes you have been designing and making. Looks like you and Kate had a great time together in the picture. :)